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Know Your Target Audience for a More Profitable and Focused Website

Who is your business for?

The answer to that question should form the basis of everything that your business is. The more you know about the people who are buying from you, the better you will be at helping people who will connect with your company actually find you.

Mass marketing is a trick that a lot of businesses fall into, but it can actually hurt your bottom line. Truthfully, the majority of people who see marketing collateral aimed at everybody aren't going to care about it. Worse still, the potential customers who might have really identified with your brand are going to miss the chance to understand you and probably won't buy from you.

A website that is designed to target a specific market makes people feel connected to the business, like it was made just for them.

Defining your target audience for web design - people brainstorming in a group.

Defining your target audience

Defining your target audience is an important step for all businesses. Understanding who needs to relate to your brand will play a huge role in determining how you will connect with your customers.

What an audience wants from your brand will depend highly on who you are advertising to. A company selling Eco-friendly products would likely have an audience that would want to hear about their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, but the audience of a legal company may be more interested in the education and experience of the team. Content that doesn't appeal to your ideal consumers is a waste of your time and money.

The more specific you can be when defining your target audience the better. Age, gender, demographic, location, disposable income, etc, are all important things to consider when nailing down your specific buyer personas.

A buyer persona is a comprehensive profile of every detail of a persona that your business will appeal to. Your business should have multiple buyer personas, covering each specific part of your target audience.

These should cover factors such as age, gender, location, and how these personas would find your business. You can only keep a connection with your audience if you remember who you are talking to, even when you can't see them. Buyer personas help visualise and understand who these people are.

It will help keep your messaging consistent and direct your marketing, ensuring that your relationship with your customers remains your top priority.

Turning your targeted marketing into profit

By figuring out your target audience, not only will you understand how to talk so that your customers can identify with your business, but knowing how they talk means knowing how they search.

We all know the value of SEO and organic traffic. Being able to prioritise the search terms your customers are using can help you drive them straight to your website.

You can proactively produce content such as blog posts that provide an audience of potential customers with the information that they want and help guide them through their buyers journey.

Knowing not only what your potential customers will buy, but also why they are buying it lets you position your products in a way that shows that you understand what your audience needs and that you can provide them with the solutions.

Targeted website development to help connect customers with the right product, shown by person browsing through record bin.

Converting visitors into customers

If you've done everything right, your target audience will find your website, but when they do, they need to feel an instant connection with your business on the page they land on.

The design, the layout, the text choices, the call to action… everything should be created to captivate your target audience. In the seconds that it takes for a person to decide whether to click away or not you need to make an impression that connects with your audience and their values. 

Consistent messaging will help your audience trust you. Knowing what your consumer base wants will let you provide service that is tailored directly to their expectations and values.

This is why web design tailored to your business is so important.

It isn’t about excluding the people who are wrong for your business, it’s about making sure that the people who are most likely to buy from you and believe in your business are encouraged to grow into dedicated customers.

By marketing directly to your target audience, you will spend less money on marketing because you will know the exact niche group who will identify best with your business. Your business will be more successful because your entire business model will be based around the most valuable potential consumers for your company.

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