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The Tasmanian Web Company Brand Design Mockup

We have rebranded as The Tasmanian Web Company

The rebrand has entailed four major stages.

Stage one, identify business values and goals.

The first stage was all bout identifying the key values of the business and defining the goals and direction we would like the business to take. The value we have always brought to the table for our customers and clients has been the quality of our work and going the extra mile to ensure everything is working as expected for our clients, and helping them to understand how things work.

One of the biggest challenges for so many business owners these days is understanding all the digital technologies out there and how to interact with them. A big part of our services has always been evaluating new digital and web services for our clients, selecting the right ones and helping them implement that into their workflows and business operations for the best possible success. We're proud of the relationships we build with our clients and love going the extra mile, we love providing real solutions to their real-world problems.

Upon reflection, we decided the primary focus of our business going forward will be to take the burden of marketing and web technologies off the shoulders of our clients.

The second stage, naming convention.

We took what we learnt from our critical reflection and started brainstorming new naming conventions that allowed us to better identify with our target audience. Looking back this is such a huge, but is worth every minute spent researching, reading, thinking... Being confident in a business name is key to building a brand and business you are truly proud of.

Introducing The Tasmanian Web Company. Our name is almost a perfect reflection of everything we love doing, who we want to be, and how we want to be known.

  • We love our growing identity as one of Tasmania's best bespoke design agencies.
  • Everything we do is centred around our web services.
  • And establishing our position as a "company" shows our commitment to providing a trusted, reliable, ongoing service to our clients.

Stage three visual branding.

It doesn't happen often, but our logo design and brand style all just fell into place. Within a few hours, we had a digital example of the branding we have come to use. Using a very punchy teal colour that we have borrowed for our past foundations Creations brand we have brought together a very simple, but very effective text-based logo that emphasises quality and trust yet youthfulness and energy.

From the new logo and branding styles we have been progressively working through old marketing collateral and updating everything as it has been require. Definitely the biggest and most daunting job, but also one of the most rewarding, seeing those old documents and such being reinvigorated with the new brand.

And finally stage four, crafting the new website.

As a business all about building websites, and products for the web, I can safely say there is nothing tougher than managing all of this yourself. We have completely refreshed our website to reflect our new brand, values and goals. While our website is still a work in progress, as if it ever won't be... We have now officially completed the last major step in transitioning the business into the Tasmanian Web Company.

Know Your Target Audience for a More Profitable and Focused Website

We collaborate with aspiring businesses big and small from all corners of Australia. Working closely with them we handcraft their webites and for their brands. And we can't wait to work with you!

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