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Just a Page

$600 +gst

A compelling one-page website featuring your products and services. Perfect for small businesses simply looking to tick website off their checklist or a fast starting point for our Continued Growth & Development Plan.


A one-page website contains everything relevant to your product or service without visitors needing to click elsewhere. This means that everything you would otherwise spread out across multiple pages, such as information about your business, product specifications, contact details, and image galleries, are all available in one place. One-page web design lets you focus your message and highlight all your relevant information without losing your visitors’ attention.

Benefits of a one page website:

Great User Experience Navigating through content is quicker and more responsive than having to go to a new web page and the simplicity of scrolling can help to engage users. Quality Over Quantity Instead of having to design multiple page layouts for different types of site content, you can focus on just one solid, high-quality design. Good for SEO Having just one page means that you shouldn’t have to worry about thin or unfocused content. By focusing so heavily on quality content your website will naturally provide value to the sites visitors and improve your search rankings. On your single page website visitors will be able to scroll through and easily understand everything about your products and services. The main objective of any website is to generate leads. Having a simple, user-friendly design helps single page websites convert visitors into customers and clients easier.