Content Marketing Plans

Using content creation to drive traffic to your website is one of the most effective tools for building a dedicated audience, but only if it is high-quality content that your visitors will actually read.

Our content marketing services ensure that the content produced for your site will facilitate growth of your website through visitor engagement, higher search engine rankings and click-through rates to your site.

The Benefits

  • Producing content regularly makes your business look professional and organised to your audience. Building your reputation early and consistently will create trust and the impression of authority with your potential customers/clients.
  • Search engines love consistent, high-quality content. Just another reason that having relevant content produced regularly will greatly benefit your business.
  • As time goes on the results will only get better. Not only will we be able to improve the quality and relevance of the content we prepare for you, but the accumulation of high-quality content will establish your site as an authority to search engines.
  • Our content writing is focused on quality. Wasting your audience's time is wasting your time. Our quality content will keep your audience engaged and convert to a more dedicated, trusting audience.
  • The ongoing nature of this production means that we can cross-link articles and continue to make older posts even more valuable with the production of more articles; this will not just improve your SEO but also have your business in front of your audience for longer.

The plan in action

Together we will agree on what topics to write about before beginning our first step: research. The keywords used and the structure of the content are an important foundation and we put a huge emphasis on getting this right.

Along with producing an entire high-quality article, we also construct the meta and alt information and put together the imagery to flow with the text.

Ideally, we would include photos that you provide that we then overlay with your branding to reflect your business for a personal touch and to ensure that your audience will become familiar with your branding.

We want the writing to be perfect for you; we offer one revision and up to 3 minor edits for each article so that you can be completely satisfied.

Our finished articles will range up to 1200 words of high-quality content that will be relevant to your audience and optimised for search engines.

Contact us to find out how our content marketing plans will work for you.

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