Our Process

The Process: End-to-End Website Services

Your digital partners - comprehensive web services encompassing website design, branding, website maintenance and care, and digital marketing.

One of the hardest parts of taking your business digital is the disconnection that comes from splitting your business into different parts to be handled by different people.

That's where we're different.

We can handle every part of your digital identity from conception past completion; consider us your web design experts. Every service in one place with one dedicated team.

Step 1: Discovery

We believe understanding everything about you and your business is fundamental in providing the right solutions. Our first priority when working with new clients is a discovery phase that will give us the opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with you and your business.

After this in-depth discovery phase we will move on to the fun part - our dedicated services. Our design and creation phases will bring your dream branding and website to life.

Our discovery session is set a fixed price of $300AUD and includes a 2 hour consultation and preparation of the scope of work, which will allow you to make informed decisions for your business moving forward. If we decide that you are a good fit for our business we will also include a proposal outlining costing, timelines and details for us to undertake your project.

Step 2: Design

Branding is one of the most crucial aspects of your business; keeping your branding consistent is important in building a brand identity. Whether you need an entire design overhaul or a website that enhances the branding you already love, this stage will allow us to work together on initial concepts.

This is where we are also able to start figuring out just what your business may need to help it flourish so we can start preparing for your emerging success early.

Step 3: Completion

This is where we will put every effort into perfecting the concepts we previously came up with. It all will become real here, and your business will get the digital image that you have been dreaming of. Whether for branding or website design, this is the step that will see all the work that has been put in pay off.

Step 4: Website Maintenance and Digital Marketing

Website Maintenance and Care

Keeping your website and digital presence running smoothly and evolving along with your business can determine the long-term success of your business, as it is crucial for not only attracting new visitors but also maintaining your existing audience. 

Websites can be fickle which makes maintaining them a headache for people who don’t have the time to deal with every little issue that arises. Our goal is to form a partnership with you that will allow us to keep your website cared for and well maintained, and keep you stress-free and focused on the things that matter. 

Our ongoing maintenance plans are our pride and joy; not only do we create visually pleasing, user-friendly, professional websites, but we are able to keep them in great shape and growing with your business. The digital presence of your business is too important to not keep it maintained. 

Learn more about our End-to-End Website Service Plans here.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be confusing, it can be hard to know what content should be distributed on which platforms and at what times.

Social media is a powerful but complicated marketing tool that can be hard to master, add to that keeping up with and growing email marketing lists, and creating blog content to drive valuable engaged traffic to your business… suddenly it can be overwhelming to have so much to manage.

At the same time, digital marketing is extremely valuable and benefits every brand, from an individual up to the largest businesses. In this increasingly digital era you can’t afford to be left unseen.  

We have used our expertise to create digital marketing management plans that will help you thrive. Our plans encompass the most effective areas of social media and content production to ensure that the time and money spent working on marketing are as effective as possible. They range from simple guidance to comprehensive hands-on management of social accounts to producing valuable written content to drive targeted traffic towards your site.

Learn more about our Digital Marketing Management Plans here.

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