Our Process

Stage 1 ~ Initial Setup.

We will create a staging website which will be the base for our ongoing development. Here we will build the website out with placeholder content and any content supplied to us in preparations for content strategy and visual design.

Stage 2 ~ Content Strategy.

We will begin reviewing your website's content in detail, moving pages around and making changes. We will also make recommendations for new content and changes to the existing content which you can complete while we are working on the visual design of the website.

Stage 3 ~ Visual Design & Development.

The design and development of the website is when we really take over and work our magic. We will begin by preparing the core layout of the website and then progress towards solving the smaller details and challenges. This is very much a hands-off stage for you, as we progress through the website build we will request feedback and information from you as we need it.

Stage 4 ~ Review & Revision.

Once the website design and development stage is nearing completion we will call on you to complete a formal review of the website. During this review, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on anything and everything about the website. We will review your feedback and progress accordingly.

Stage 5 ~ Final Testing.

Once the website is nearing completion and we have made revisions to the website incorporating your feedback we will move onto the pre-launch test stage. During this stage, we test your website across a variety of modern devices and scenarios in our best effort to make sure it works as expected and the appearance is consistent.

Stage 6 ~ Launch.

Everything is running smoothly, looking good and ready to go we will proceed with making the required changes to get your website live. We will choose a time that will minimise the impact on your business.

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