Referral Partners

It goes without saying your time is best spent focusing on the products and services your business specialises in. And our Partner Referral program lets you do just that.

Who is our referral program for?

Our referral program is suited to many businesses in many industries and provides a way to earn a passive income for simply referring new, paying clients to the Tasmanian Web Company.

Here are just a few examples of business that our program can work for...

  • Graphic designers and design agencies who want to offer web services to their clients but don't want the hassle of outsourcing and managing the work themselves.
  • IT businesses are inherently associated with websites, however, these services often don't fit into their core business and are a burden on their day to day activities.
  • Business to business (B2B) providers, for example, commercial real estate agents who have frequent contact with other businesses may find opportunities to refer business in need of web services.

How much can you expect earn?

Refer a client to us and earn up to 20% of revenue for 12 months on all services and products they purchase with The Tasmanian Web Company.

So what are the perks of referring clients to us?

Simple margins and profitability.

Outsourcing work and keeping it profitable is a huge challenge. While there can be big rewards when done right, for most businesses outsourcing is a bigger burden than simply referring a client on.

By referring clients to the Tasmanian Web Company your freeing yourself up to focus on your core business, while continuing to receive a consitant, profitable reward for referring your clients.

Clear responsibilities and perception with your clients.

One of the most important aspects of successful client relationships is transparency. Through our referral program there is no illusion about who is undertaking the work and who is ultimately responsible for it. Clients value this honesty and your relationship with them will be rewarded for it.

Our dedicate brand creates creates a high value percpetion in the eyes of the client.

Through our dedicated and high profile brand we can essentially sell our services for more, which means higher margins and bigger returns for you.

Simple monthly payments.

No chasing clients or time wasted invoicing. Our referral system means all the money handling is done for you. We pay our referral partners each month based on the money received for each referred client.

12 months of income for each referred client.

Our business is heavily based on subscriptions and add-on services that continue to create value for each client. To provide our partners with a fair return we decided we should share the revenue for each referral for 12 months. This way our partners can share in the true value of their referrals.


Do we provide white labelling web services?

For the most part, no. While we are always open to one-off projects and tasks for other web agencies and businesses, white labelling is just a mess of communication issues, hiccups and just bad transparency that we can't get behind.

Instead, we have created a referral system that provides our partners with a streamlined sales process and very modest rewards for simply referring clients to our business. This allows our partners to get on with what they do best, their core business and leave us to do what we best, build amazing websites and brands.

Do we provide website creation services for graphic designers from Photoshop and other formats?

Absolutely. We can build-out websites based on any format of designs provided by graphic designers. Through our referral program, we begin by discussing with the client their project to get a firm understanding and then begin building out their website incorporating your static designs. If you are a graphic designer looking for a web company to build out your clients' website, please get in touch, we would love to discuss how this could for you.

Our affiliate partner program has some great rewards, if you would like to become a partner please contact us today to register your interest.

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