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Why We Don’t Do Social Media But You Should

Social media is so often used to create an image of effortless perfection, whether it’s showing the perfect cappuccino, a holiday, or even running your own business. In reality, social media management is anything but effortless.

Social media marketing is great for businesses

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for businesses, especially small businesses. It’s free, it has the potential of a huge reach and it allows you to directly engage with your customers. Some of the greatest benefits of using social media as a business are: 

  • Growing brand awareness
  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Connecting with not just your existing customers but your target audience as well
  • Gathering useful analytics about the main demographics of your audience
  • Link building for your website, especially if you post articles on a blog
  • Establishing your brand as a topic authority that people trust and want to buy from.

There are clearly many great things about marketing your business on social media but at the same time, there is one big cost that you have to put in: time

Social media management is a time cost that is hard for many businesses to afford because all their time goes towards actually running the business. For businesses who are serious about social media but don’t have the time, the next logical step is outsourcing the management of their accounts to a digital marketing team. 

Whether a company is doing it themselves or outsourcing it, the amount of work that goes into social media management is huge. Generally it includes:

  • Creation of a social media strategy
  • Creating and maintaining calendars, including drafts, edits and scheduling – often these need to be approved by multiple people!
  • Responding to comments and cordinating responses between multiple people
  • Researching hashtags and trends and looking for ways to implement them
  • Creating and managing campaigns, advertisements, competitions, etc
  • Looking for, researching and even trying out new platforms 
  • Running analytics and creating reports, often monthly.

Why we don’t do social media management

First and foremost, no matter what, we want to be there for you making great websites that will bring your business to the world looking and working the best that it can. For us, social media management just isn’t an effective use of our expertise.

We want to dedicate our time to bringing all of our clients amazing web design.

That’s not to say that running social media accounts and having a social presence aren’t worth it for your business – they definitely are! – but the management of these platforms is a time-consuming and all encompassing job. 

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s about what you want (and expect) to get out of it. For smaller businesses who aren’t trying to make social media a key part of their sales funnel, producing the content for social media may not be too time consuming. If the focus is on reaching and connecting with your audience then social media is probably something you could manage yourself. 

If not, there are a lot of great social media management companies out there that have the specialist knowledge and experience to get you the results that you are looking for.

We encourage you to post and engage on social media as much as you want, or hire a specialist social media management company if you’re looking for that extra professional help, but for us to offer social media services would take away from the thing that makes us great to begin with: our dedication to helping your website be exceptional.

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