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The Power of Design: How Your Website Can Build Trust and Create a Relationship with your Audience

Why you NEED to build trust

In the digital world you have just a few moments to make an impact before most users will click away, making the first impression of your site one of your most valuable assets. For the average user you have only 15 seconds for your web design to inspire and motivate them enough to decide that you are worth investing their time in. 

For good design, every single aspect on the page is communicating something about the value of your business to the visitor without them even knowing it. Using these visual cues, visitors of your site will judge the credibility of your business, so building as much trust as quickly as possible should be your main priority. 

The more that people trust your business, the less they will hesitate to hire your services or buy your products; trust-based relationships directly convert into more revenue for you.

Web design helps people trust your business and make them feel good to use it. The checked smiley face box should be how your website visitors feel and how our Devonport and Tasmania website design makes people feel.

The credibility of good design

The fact is, people trust design-focused websites. 

It has been shown that companies that make design a priority have 50% more loyal customers than those that don’t. A well-designed website is one that is made for the customer; if users can see that you have put effort into their experience so far, it is easier for them to believe that you will keep giving them a great experience throughout their entire interaction with your business. 

So not only does good web design keep potential customers on your page for longer, but it also encourages those visitors to become loyal, long-term customers. 

Why does this matter? 

The true power of design is that it builds trust and relationships that keeps customers coming back. Brand loyalty and repeat customers are extremely valuable for a business – they are the cornerstone for growth. These loyal customers and clients will keep coming back without you having to spend any more money or time trying to convince them to; they trust your business and they trust you.

So how do you actually achieve this? How can you build a relationship that fosters trust with your audience?

A visual representation of who you are and what you stand for

People stick around after those first 15 seconds because they like the way your website looks, but more than that, they like what your business is saying. Every visual aspect of your design is communicating something about who you are as a business. 

Everything from typography, colour scheme, page and site layout, visual media, even your brand’s personality and tone, will all come to represent your brand and reinforce your identity as a trustworthy business. 

Consistency will create the image of a stable and solid business, and people have confidence in stability. A recognisable design that is spreading your image everywhere will show potential clients that you have nothing to hide. If your values are the same everywhere your brand can be seen, people will believe the credible, professional image that you are presenting. 

Professionally designed branding can take this one step further, a designer can help you select the right font or colour scheme to align your business with your ideal client. For example, if you want to attract large corporate businesses, a designer can help you present your website with a corporate and luxurious feel. 

Your visual identity reflects the values of your business, so it is important to make sure the message being conveyed is a both right for you, and something your potential customers will trust. 

Brand design for Johny's Bar & Grill by Devonport-based The Tasmanian Web Company showing how website design can help customers trust the quality of a business.

Building trust with your audience through good design and user experience

Customers and clients are the heart of your business. Building a website with user experience in mind makes the customer a priority, and proves that you value the time they spend engaging with your business.

Attracting an audience that really believes in what your business does is an important first step. Getting the right visitors is far more important than getting the most visitors. Once you are bringing in the right audience, you build trust by respecting your audience and prioritising their needs.

The quality of your website is often the first experience a visitor will have with your business. There is no substitute for a high-quality professional-looking website in creating a great first impression. Especially one that anticipates the needs of the visitor at every step: from creating the site layout and attracting the most relevant audience, to prioritising functionality and site responsiveness. 

It is the great experiences that customers have that brings them back time and time again. Overcrowded, messy and complicated web designs put off customers and lose you clients. Can every single page of your website be found easily? Can a potential customer find everything that they will likely be looking for? It is absolutely necessary to consider these questions when creating a design that nurtures your customers. 

No matter how a visitor gets to your website or what page they land on, a great website should be ready to guide them seamlessly through their journey. The functionality of your website should prove that your credibility is not just a front. Going past just appearing trustworthy, user-friendly design shows that you will guide them through your whole site and show them every part of what your business is. 

Clients who can really know your business don’t have to question if they can trust your service. 

Person online shopping on a professional, trustworthy-looking website design like we make for our Devonport web clients.

The payoff

Building trust with your customers does take some time and effort, but once the foundation that has been laid to get just one loyal customer, it remains there indefinitely, converting more and more site visitors for as long as it keeps running seamlessly. 

Remember, user experience is the key to making customers feel as though your business values them. Over time, little additions and updates, and general use will impact the functionality of your website, but as long as you keep up with regular maintenance and care then it will just keep working in your favour indefinitely. 

If you put in the time to take care of your website and business then your clients can trust that you will put in the time and effort for them too.

A final thought

Just as it always has been in the business world, building a relationship based on trust with your customers leads to long-term success. The design of your digital identity is an important way to communicate your credibility to your potential customers. 

In this visual world we make snap judgements about the value of something in just a matter of seconds; having the right design for your website can be a powerful enough tool to make people stop and really look at your business. 

When your design matches the values of your business, your website will attract visitors who relate to you. If these like-minded potential customers feel as though you value them by prioritising their experience and can trust you because of this, they will want to come back to this experience again. 

This is the power of good design: it turns curious visitors into dedicated customers and clients who will come back again and again. 

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