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Content Marketing for Better SEO and Increased Sales

Producing high-quality, relevant content is the absolute best way to achieve more organic traffic and better SEO rankings for your website.

Know Who Your Content Is For

Every business should know who their target audience is and what this audience is looking for. It isn’t surprising to know that the content you produce should be made with this audience in mind. Without a doubt, the most valuable content you can create is content that is meaningful and engaging, and leads an interested audience to your website. 

It also needs to reach your target audience at all stages of the buyers funnel. If you are only making content for people who are ready to make a purchase, then you are actually hurting your chances of people buying from you. 

Say that someone has come across your website right when they have decided exactly what they are going to buy, you might get that sale, but you miss out on that chance of connecting with this customer. They are less likely to become a repeat customer than someone who came across your company earlier in their buying process, because they don’t actually know you. 

Using SEO to help people find your business. People sitting at different tables at a cafe, disconnected from each other.

Targeting people early in their buying journey is an investment of your time to build familiarity and trust with your potential customers. For people who are only considering buying something or are still researching the product, you can take the opportunity to create content that answers their questions without asking for anything in return. There are two main benefits to this:

Positioning your business as an authority

Firstly, you get to position your business as an authority; a company that they can trust to have answers to their questions and help them know everything they need in order to make the best decision for themselves. 

If you can establish your brand as an authority then people will start coming back to your website to get your opinion over other companies – over your competitors. Investing your time in producing content that helps potential customers in the earlier stages of the buying funnel can get your business sales and repeat sales, and it can also help you beat out your competitors long-term. 

Guiding potential customers through their buying journey

The second benefit of this content is that it lets you guide customers through their buying journey. Helping people through their buying journey creates a lot of possibilities; you could speed up the time it takes somebody to decide to buy something, or you could steer them towards certain products, or you could even just encourage them to spend more time engaging with your website and your business. 

Both of these benefits come from the same goal: associating your brand with the topics that your customers are looking for.

Blog Posts: Your Most Powerful Content

Now that you know why you need good content it’s time to talk about what good content is.

There are lots of metrics that people (and programs) can use to gauge the SEO friendliness of a piece of writing, but these should not be your main focus when making content for your website. Underneath all the complicated metrics boasting about how good a piece of content is doing is a simple fact: content does well when your audience wants to read it

Whether it’s an Instagram photo, a blog post, or a podcast, your content needs to be insatiable. If people want to engage with your content – and even better, if people want to share your content with others – then you are producing the exact type of content that you need.

SEO can help your posts be pushed to more people, but how much search engines like you is heavily influenced by people engaging with your content in the first place. Basically, if you make content that people want to share, search engines will want to share it too. 

But still, there is one type of content that still beats out the rest for organic search results, and for encouraging readers down the buyers funnel, and that is blog posts. 

Good SEO articles attract interested consumers, shown by a man reading articles on an iPad while drinking coffee.

The Benefits of Blog Posts

They support the SEO of your entire website

Not only can a relevant, high-quality blog post that is optimised for SEO score really well for search engines, but because it is connected to your website it can actually improve the SEO rating of your entire site! 

A blog means more indexable pages on your site, more internal links, and tons more real engagement from your audience! All of this will help search engines see your website as an authority. 

You can start ranking better in broad searches that your website might have gotten lost in before, no matter how fantastic your web design is. Being in front of more people means being found by more people. 

Consumers can form a connection with your brand

Blog posts can reach your audience in a more personal way. Lean in to the personal connection that blog posts can create, it can be a really valuable tool to help people create an emotional connection with your business. 

The quality of your blog posts can also help readers build confidence in your brand. High quality posts that showcase your business’s expertise will help your audience view your brand as an authority. They will come to trust your expertise and your word. When they want advice on what to buy, they will trust what you have to say, and most importantly, they will consider your brand when they want to make a purchase.

Indefinite value

The best thing about blog posts: you can constantly keep producing them! They can indefinitely continue bringing in a new audience and reinforce your relationship with your existing customers.

Consistently targeting relevant content at a potential audience at all stages of the buyers funnel will bring in a huge amount of people that you can influence and build a relationship with. The repetitive exposure will build brand recognition and trust in your audience and keep them coming back to your website to get your opinion. 

By continuing to engage with your existing audience and also attracting a new one, the growing number of blog posts will just add to the first two benefits! More engagement with your website will continue to improve your SEO and more trusting customers will lead to more sales, on and on. There is no end point of their benefit!

Analytics of SEO and ranking improvements from blog posts and articles on a printed report with bar and line graphs.

A Final Thought

Organic traffic is the most valuable source of website traffic there is. People who are genuinely interested in your business will spend more time on your site and invest more money in you. 

This traffic isn’t just valuable because the visitors are more likely to engage with your website, but also because this engagement will actually encourage search engines to push your content to more people, which means even more traffic.

It can be a slow process to start with, but eventually producing high-quality relevant content for people at all stages of the buyers funnel will snowball into a self-feeding source of increased engagement and traffic.

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