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Consistent Branding is THE MOST Important Part of Marketing Your Business

Brand consistency is the number one tool for building brand recognition and trust with your audience. 

Why does brand consistency matter?

Brand consistency is built through the presentation of your brand. The image of your business that you put forward on any platform – digital or physical – needs to be consistent in tone and visuals, and align with the core values of your brand. Communicating with your audience in the same tone, using the same colours, typography, and imagery consistently, and presenting your logo in a similar way can all help your customers recognise your business, maybe without them even realising it. 

Having one seamless look across all your digital and physical collateral will make your audience feel confident about interacting with your company. Customers that trust your business are customers that will purchase from you over and over again. 

The consistency and dependability of your brand is a huge part of what influences people to trust your business, so it should be the main goal of anybody who wants their business to be successful. We don’t want to invest our time or money into people or companies that don’t seem trustworthy. If you want people to buy into the products and services that you are putting out there, then you want your company name to be synonymous with “dependable” and “trustworthy” in your customers’ eyes.

Endeavour magazine design created by The Tasmanian Web Company in Devonport, Tasmania. Woman overlooking forest covered mountains in light colours with the brands natural vibe.
Second Endeavour magazine design created by The Tasmanian Web Company. Hiker on a trail in the forest in darker colours, consistent with the nature-based aesthetic of the brand, developed by leading web designers Devonport.

The absolute most important reason that you need consistent branding is because it takes time and repetitive exposure to turn your audience into customers, but if you aren’t presenting a consistent image every single time that somebody interacts with your brand, then it’s going to take even longer

You need to get in front of this audience over and over, proving to them that you are credible and trustworthy with your consistent messaging to turn that brand consistency into brand recognition, and ultimately into brand loyalty. Every representation of your brand should have clear values and an easily defined identity. As soon as they lay eyes on your brand, your target audience should have a clear idea of who your company really is at the core.

How will brand consistency work for you?

When consumers trust your business, they aren’t just buying your products or services anymore, they are buying you. They are invested in why you do what you do, and are much more likely to become repeat customers. 

When we decide to purchase something, it’s usually more of an emotional decision than just a logical or practical one. If you can create an emotional bond with your audience, you can build up an audience that is invested in your company. These customers are the most valuable consumer base you can have!

Woman using laptop and drawing calligraphy with black and white magazines and a coffee to the side. It is an example of a consistent vibe/aesthetic design that people can form an emotional connection with, like our Devonport, Tasmania web design.

It all starts with building recognition. If a customer associates your brand with a particular product or service, then when they are going to invest in that product or service, they will already be thinking about you. Encouraging consumers to develop an emotional connection to your brand doesn’t just make them more likely to return to your business over and over, but they are also much more likely to recommend your company to others. 

People will probably only look at your branding for a few seconds the first time they see it, so you have to depend on your visual imagery to make a strong enough impact that it inspires them to look deeper. Make sure your brand is communicating what you want it to, but don’t be afraid of a striking design that your audience will remember.

Cultivating a strong brand is one of the few things you can do to really stand out from your competition. Being able to communicate core values instantly through visual design gives people a reason to want to engage with your company over others. Having people thinking about your business instead of your competitors is a step towards success.

Crafting the right brand for your business and re-branding

The message that you want to show your audience will be different for every brand, but every single aspect of the design needs to be considered when it is being created, or it might not give the impression you want it to.

If you want to make sure that you get your branding right and probably save yourself a lot of time, it is a valuable area to invest in getting help from a professional. A graphic designer can help you identify your target audience and help ensure that your brand design appeals to them. They can also help with a branding strategy to make sure that your branding is consistent across all digital and physical mediums so you don’t have to just hope that you’ve gotten it right. 

Person browsing photos on laptop, consistent brand design creates cohesion for business identity in web design.

A lot of the time you will intuitively know if your branding is right by looking at it. If you don’t feel that your branding aligns with the message of your business, then you can be pretty sure that your audience isn’t getting that impression either. If this is the case, it might be worth considering redesigning your branding to build that trust with your consumer base, there is always a risk of losing customers because of a loss of brand recognition though.

Ensuring that you get the design right early will help you build a loyal customer base faster, helping you earn more sooner. It can also save you money in the long run because you won’t lose brand recognition by having to constantly edit your brand. 

The Power of Consistent Branding in Good Web Design – A Final Thought

Building brand consistency is one of the most important things you can do to benefit your business no matter the size. Consistency builds recognition in your target audience much faster, and builds an image of trust and reliability because of your stability. A customer base that recognises your brand and considers it trustworthy and dependable can become valuable return customers that are emotionally invested in your business. You can achieve some of the most valuable marketing results that businesses could ask for by simply building a solid foundation and sticking to it. Consistent, well-designed branding is one of the most valuable revenue-building tools, and every business has access to it.

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