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Vintage aesthetic camera and polaroid photos showing that brand design helps to create a connection between businesses and their audience.

Branding in a Visual World: How the Right Design Makes You Money

Your visual branding represents you as a business. It gives you the opportunity to create a connection between your customers and your company in an instant. 

The personality that branding creates and the messages that it portrays have the ability to attract a specific target audience, increase revenue, and form a relationship between the company and the consumers. 

Beyond looking good, the branding of your business in both print and digital forms should be one of your biggest marketing strengths. How can you be sure that your brand is communicating what you want it to? There is a lot of room for interpretation when it comes to brand design.

What Your Brand Design is Telling Your Audience

Every business is built around unique goals and values, and it’s these goals that let you connect with your consumer base and convinces them to invest their time and money into your company. How can people know this about your business without deep-diving into your website or profile? 


All good branding is built on your brand positioning. This is what will let you establish an emotional connection with your audience. 

Values, attitudes and beliefs shared between your business and your audience help these potential customers and clients build a connection to your business, not just your products. Remember, people don’t just buy what you do, but why you do it. 

As many as 64% of consumers state that having shared values with a company is a key reason that they form a relationship with a brand. Brand loyalty starts at sharing your message, so make sure yours is easy to read.

Endeavour brand design poster. Person standing on top of mountain with business name, designed by Devonport website design company, The Tasmanian Web Company.

The Language of Branding

Every single visual aspect that your customers interact with tells them something about the personality of your business. Colour, typography, imagery, logos… all of it will create an impression on every person who sees it. 

Whether you want people to think of your brand as premium, luxurious, artisanal, contemporary, fun, or anything else you can think of, your visual branding is your first impression and your greatest chance to be seen the way you want to be from the very first second. 

There is an incredible amount of background information that goes into the crafting of effective branding. Getting help from a professional graphic designer can help make sure that the initial impact of your brand is giving the exact message that you want, and save you money and brand recognition in the long run by ensuring that you won’t have to keep making big changes to try and get it right. 

The branding used in a website designed for an electrician should be different to the branding for a small local business selling handmade soap. Your branding should tell the story of your business.

Getting that message right from day one can save you money, increase your brand recognition, and even boost your revenue. 

Consistent Branding for Recognition, Stability and Credibility

A message that motivates and inspires your audience is only valuable for as long as that message stays consistent. Every single point that your customers engage with your business needs to resonate with them in the same way. 

People won’t put their time or money into things that they don’t trust, and the trust that your consumer base has with your business can be easily broken through inconsistencies in the presentation of your brand. Presenting a stable, consistent image across every platform and interaction that somebody has with your brand will build a foundation of trust. 

Reaching out to your audience across multiple platforms is becoming more and more necessary for staying relevant, but it also makes it easier to lose the consistency of your brand personality. 

The power of this consistency will shine through in the revenue of your company, increasing by an average of 33% over inconsistent branding.

Consistency will also build brand recognition. A signature visual image will encourage your target audience to mentally connect your company with the products or services you provide, but only if your branding is visible, consistent, and on-point.

Your brand is more valuable when it is recognisable by your target audience; awareness leads to more sales and beating out your competitors.

The Tasmanian Web Company (Devonport-based web design) branding mockup to showcase different types of physical collateral that branding can be on.
The Tasmanian Web Company Brand Design Mockup

But Really, Does Branding Really Matter That Much?

Let’s face it, there are a lot of brands out there. If you want yours to stand out, it needs to make an impact. Beyond communicating with your customers, your brand can help establish your business as memorable and unique. 

People are getting used to good design and it has become a fundamental part of most people’s experience with a business. 

Just as inconsistencies make people question the reliability of a business, outdated or poor quality design won’t inspire or motivate your audience. Instead it could drive them to your competitors. 

Your brand is the face of your business. People will see what you are presenting as a representation of the entire company. If you want your branding to generate more sales, then you need to be sure that this representation will connect with your customers.

If people believe in your business, they will believe in what you’re selling.

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