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A Guide to Website as a Service (WaaS)

What is WaaS: Long term value for your web design

In an ideal world, creating your business website would be as simple as: design, launch and watch the customers roll in. 

Unfortunately, there is a lot more to developing and maintaining a website than most people are aware of. 

It doesn’t matter how much care and effort you put into designing the perfect professional presence if it is left to deteriorate and break down. Left alone, even the most perfectly designed site will need a complete redesign to get it back to working order long before your investment pays off. 

That’s where Website as a Service (WaaS) comes in. 

Design, development, hosting, maintenance, updates and more are all covered under one monthly cost with only a small initial investment.

The best part is that it makes high quality, beautiful websites more accessible for everyone

The spread out cost can make this a much more accessible option for smaller businesses, plus the included management of website maintenance means that you are able to focus on building up your business, not managing script errors and out of date plugins. 

WaaS is the smartest way to invest in the digital identity of your business. Get the fantastic web design that your business deserves with the maintenance, upkeep and longevity that it needs. 

Man using laptop to show quality web design of the WaaS model, offered by expert Devonport web designers, The Tasmanian Web Company.


Indefinitely updated web design

Let’s face it, trends move fast online. Even though your web design should be built around much more than just the latest trends, it just doesn’t take long before the design just won’t be right for your business anymore. 

Whether it is your business growing and needing more features, products or pages, or a change in the way you want to present your business to the world, you need to be able to make changes to your website quickly and cleanly. 

Utilising WaaS means that any changes and updates to your site will be carried out expertly. You don’t have to worry about things breaking or of breaking things yourself while trying to make small changes. 

Maintenance and care

For many websites, deterioration starts the second it launches. With WaaS, you have expert support there specifically to help you maintain the responsiveness and functionality of your site. 

No matter how much care was put into the design, slow loading speeds and broken features will be all your customer remembers if your site regresses to this state. 

A WaaS team will manage all the aspects of maintenance and care associated with the website, like hosting, security, updates and ongoing support with adding or changing design features. This means less stress and a better outcome for you. 

Choosing a WaaS plan for your website is an investment in the risk management of your website and long term support that will keep your site running at a high standard and making your customers happy. 

Web analytics and mobile phone flatlay to show the investment of WaaS in web design longevity, offered by Devonport's web design team at The Tasmanian Web Company.

Smaller upfront cost

What a lot of people don’t realise before creating their first website is that there are a lot of fees associated with the technology that your business is going to need; from hosting, backups, security monitoring software and required plugins to additional software for performance tracking, email management and integrations, it can be a complicated and expensive process. 

WaaS plans include many of these costs, such as hosting. For the additional software addons you are often able to take advantage of company group pricing, which is generally lower per individual that paying for one single access for your business. 

By signing up for a minimum term WaaS plan you are effectively able to spread the cost of building your website - as well as the extra fees that go along with maintaining it - across many months. 

Not only does this mean putting a significantly smaller amount of money upfront, but it also ensures that you won’t get a rushed design and build by someone looking to move on to their next big paycheck. 

WaaS gives web design companies a greater ability to care for their clients; making your website great becomes a collaborative effort that takes as long as it takes and keeping it great is the priority of a team who want to keep you and your site’s visitors happy 

You still get the fantastic website that you would if you paid one lump payment, but you also get reduced stress, more support, a better collaborative process and the ability to take your time finalising the design. 

Excel expenses spreadsheet to demonstrate the cost of web design and development upfront vs. a WaaS monthly payment plan.

A smarter investment for your business

Website as a Service plans change the web design game by acknowledging that your website is an ongoing commodity of your business, not a one-off tool that will sit there as good as new indefinitely. 

It is how your customers will find and engage with your business, so the impression your site makes really matters, whether it’s on day 1 or day 1000.

Your website will never truly be done; these plans help you keep a high quality, professional web presence to outperform the degrading websites of your competitors. 

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