Content Marketing & SEO

A good content marketing strategy is much more than simply making a blog post every now again. Your website's content, blog, social media, email newsletters and search engine strategies should all be working together to achieve a unified goal. 

Our Strategic Content Marketing plans combine the services needed to deliver a relevant and effective ongoing content marketing plan.

What's Included:

  • We will produce an annual content marketing plan that outlines your content marketing goals.
  • Research into relevant topics and keyword selection.
  • Producing several articles each month.
  • Social media publishing and assistance.
  • Production and sourcing of media for the articles, including social media feature images.
  • Regular review of your content, looking for opportunities to optimise it for both sales conversions and SEO.
  • Regular production of Email Newsletters.

Content Writing

Producing high quality and relevant content that your visitors will actually read and that your website will actually grow from is one of the hardest parts of running a website and without a doubt the most time-consuming part.

Ongoing Content Writing facilitate the growth of your website, in search rankings, visitor engagement, and conversion optimisation. 

The Benefits

  • With regular scheduling of content, your business will look professional and organised. An inactive or aging content library makes the business look out of date or even no longer in business.
  • Through an ongoing plan, we can become increasingly familiar with your business and continue to improve the quality and relevance of the content we prepare for you.
  • Our content writing is focussed on quality and not quantity. Using a broad word count for each article we can let the content flow naturally.
  • Our familiarity with your content also allows us to cross-link articles and content efficiently. Allow us to emphasis your primary services and improve your SEO.

What's Included

  • Regularly we agree on the topics to write about.
  • We research each topic.
  • Prioritise target keywords.
  • Produce Meta Titles, Descriptions and category tags.
  • We will produce feature images for your articles. These will be shown on the website and as default when sharing on social media.
    • Ideally, we would include the photos you provide and create a brand overlay to reflect your business.
  • We can also include images you provide us in the article and produce captions for these.
  • You have one revision and up to 3 minor edits for each article.
  • You can expect a typical article to range anywhere from 600 to 1200 words. Our focus here is on quality, not quantity.
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